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Baseball Infield Surfaces
Infield Mixes
We have been producing quality infield mixes for baseball and softball for more than forty years. Our Candlestick Park Mix and Pac-Bell Mix are industry standards for all levels of play. Add PHP Organic Binder or Turface Pro-League and you will have a truly professional grade infield skin. These materials are available year-round in quantities from 1 to 1,000 cubic yards.
Candlestick Park Infield Fines:
This material, originally designed in cooperation with the San Francisco Giants and San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, has been more widely used than any other infield surface in Northern California. From Pony Leagues to college and university fields, Sacramento to Visalia, Santa Cruz to Reno, teams and leagues depend on Candlestick Park Infield Fines to provide a consistent surface with good drainage and proper footing.

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  • Consistent Playing Surface
  • Good Drainage
  • Resists Compaction
  • Low Glare
  • Red Color Aids In Good Ball Visibility
Pac-Bell Infield Fines:
New raw materials and production equipment have enabled us to update our infield mix in recent years. Pac-Bell Mix is made with a finer grade of volcanic cinder fines and a bit more clay. This creates a much more even, less abrasive playing surface with more cushion and better moisture retention below the surface.

Smoother, Less Abrasive Playing Surface

  • Better Moisture Control
  • Resists Compaction
  • Low Glare
  • Darker Red Color Improves Ball Visibility on the Infield Skin
We Carry Turface & Profile Products:
  • Turface MVP
  • Turface Quick Dry
  • Turface Pro League
  • Turface Mound & Batters Box Clay
  • Turface Moundmaster Clay Bricks
  • Profile Field & Fairway Emerald
  • Profile Greens Grade

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