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Natural Aggregate Paving

TMT Enterprises, Inc. carries a wide variety of natural aggregate paving materials for all types of applications. We have access to decomposed granite and other types of crushed aggregate fines in all sorts of colors and textures. There are varying shades of gold, tan, brown, red, gray and blue. Textures range from very fine materials that are best suited for garden pathways or baseball and running track surfaces to coarser products with greater durability for handicap access, bike trails, golf cart paths, service roads and driveways.

We offer these materials pre-mixed with our PHP Organic Aggregate Binder™ for improved durability and weather tolerance. Though some aggregates perform better than others, all will see improvement in compaction and resistance to erosion from wind and rain. There will be less dust and less loose material on the surface. Aggregates treated with PHP Organic Aggregate Binder™ remain somewhat permeable and can help designers, architects and contractors achieve LEED points in several areas.

For those more demanding installations, we offer NexPave™ wax coated aggregate paving. This amazing treatment transforms decomposed granite into an asphalt-like paving material with similar durability. While no longer permeable, this material is a true all weather natural aggregate paving.

Different aggregate types and sources behave differently in the environment. Some are soft by nature and will more easily rehydrate during rain or irrigation events. Some are to granular and will resist compaction. Others seem immune to forces of nature. Please speak with one of our representatives to be sure you are getting the best material for your application.

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